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The importance of casinos to GTA San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto series of games is surely one of the most successful such franchises of the recent era, and one of the things that the fifteen games that make up the series mostly have in common is the presence of at least one casino.

Gambling plays a bigger role in some of the instalments than others, but casinos themselves are nearly always there - and with the possibility of casino heists being part of the plot for GTA 5 (the newest version) this doesn't seem like it is about to change.

Plus on the newest game you can even play on the characters phone on sites like to add a more realistic edge to the game.

So what role does casino play in GTA and which version of it features this theme most centrally?

Well the answer to the latter question is easy enough to answer, as there is no disputing that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the one with the strongest casino elements.

One of the three city locations for this game is called Las Venturas, which is a lightly-veiled fictional version of Las Vegas, and there are no less than thirteen casinos dotted around the Strip. However three of these are more important in game terms - Caligula's Palace, the Casino Room and the Four Dragons - as these are the three you can actually gamble in using game money.

You have a choice of slots, roulette and blackjack (although no poker or craps - despite tables for both being there) and any money won can be used by your character CJ as he attempts to clear himself from the false charges against him. Beyond this, two of these casinos have additional game importance - with the Four Dragons being run by the Triads and Caligula's Palace by the Mafia.

They are at war with one another in the game, and you have the option of becoming a shareholder in Caligula's Palace. It should be said that most of the other games - from GTA 4 to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City also have casinos as part of the gaming, but the San Andreas version is definitely the one where they are most important overall.

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